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“Talks on the Way of Wisdom” is a forum where cultural, spiritual and evolutionary doctrines, concepts, principles, and theories are discussed. We publishes video, audio and posts stories as a monologue, talks and discussion.You can find us on social Facebook Page, Twitter, LinkedIn Page or the author’s profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can listen to the stories on 📢Spotify[In English], Spotify [In Bulgarian] streams or watch on the 📺YouTube channel. With us you can find information that synthesizes Wisdom from Spiritual Teachers, an assessment of their culture, judged through the prism of science, philosophy, religion and art. We discuss, explore and analyze the application of this culture in modern times. „Talks on the Way of Wisdom“ was founded by Hristo Toshkov. He is a professor, software engineer, scientist in the field of computer science and researcher of esoteric literature, the soul and spirit of humanity.

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