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Presentation of Talks on the Way of Wisdom | #MaximsOfWisdom | Creation and Man

📖Talks on the Way of Wisdom is a forum founded by Hristo Toshkov in which cultural and spiritual doctrines, principles and theories are discussed. We publish the video episodes on ...Youtube and audio on Spotify in Bulgarian and English.

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📖"How can we meet the conservatism of religion with the achievements of modern science?"
📖"Is material intellectual and spiritual wealth permanent without holiness of deeds?"
📖 In Talks on the Way of Wisdom we present a fundamental problem, which is cosmological and cosmopolitan, theological and dogmatic, social and personal.
📖The power that created us, called God by religious doctrines, provided us the opportunity to continue the Creation.

0:00 Start
0:32 Talks on the Way of Wisdom are research analyses and talks that consider
the human evolution and future
1:23 "How can we meet the conservatism of religion with the achievements
of modern science?"
2:08 Because the world is created and the man is created, but how he will continue his #creation
4:00 There are different #religions, but the division is often emphasized not because the name of faith is different, ...
4:42 Without understanding the idea of #​​rebirth, the greed of the corporations, state domination or economic unions will lead not only to wars, t will lead to holy wars it will lead to holy wars that ultimately lead the man to a dead-end street, to fratricide and suicide.
6:43 Therefore, I believe that there can be an application
of culture without #God, but there are no findings without God!
7:29 Sometimes a microscope is needed, other times a telescope is needed.
9:22 Because after all, there is no being on planet earth other than man who can acknowledge the existence of #God!

✅Hristo Toshkov is a university #professor, software engineer, scientist in the field of computer science and researcher of esoteric literature, the soul and spirit of humanity. He works as an associate professor at #Plovdiv #University.
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🔥➡️ Talks on the Way of Wisdom is a #forum where we discuss cultural, spiritual and evolutionary doctrines, concepts, principles and theories. The Forum was created to synthesize the Wisdom of the Spiritual #Masters, to assess their culture through the prism of science, philosophy, religion and art, discussing, researching and analyzing their application in modern times.
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