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Simplicity and The depth of the Doctrine of Buddha | #Shorts | #MaximsOfWisdom

In the various sources of stories about the Buddhism it is said that once, when Buddha was walking with his students, he was asked: "Teacher, what is Buddhism?" The ...
answer of Siddhartha Gautama, which can be found in chapter 14, verse 183 of Dhammapada, was: "Do not do what is evil.
Do what is good. Keep your mind clear.
This is Buddha's teaching." "But teacher, every five-year-old child knows this",
answered the student. "Yes, dear students. Every little child knows this truth, but few 80-year-old men have been able to apply it."

📖Talks on the Way of Wisdom is a forum founded by Hristo Toshkov in which cultural and spiritual doctrines, principles and theories are discussed. We publish the video episodes on Youtube and audio on Spotify in Bulgarian and English.

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✅Hristo Toshkov is a university #professor, software engineer, scientist in the field of computer science and researcher of esoteric literature, the soul and spirit of humanity. He works as an associate professor at #Plovdiv #University.
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🔥➡️ Talks on the Way of Wisdom is a #forum where we discuss cultural, spiritual and evolutionary doctrines, concepts, principles and theories. The Forum was created to synthesize the Wisdom of the Spiritual #Masters, to assess their culture through the prism of science, philosophy, religion and art, discussing, researching and analyzing their application in modern times.
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