Hristo Toshkov Hristov

Meet Hristo Toshkov: A Multifaceted Innovator

Hristo Toshkov, a software engineer, inventor, and scientist specializing in Informatics and Computer Sciences, with significant achievements and proven results in his field. Currently serving as an associate professor at the University of Plovdiv, Department of Software Technologies. Toshkov also teaches and is deeply engaged in research.

As a theologian, Toshkov explores spiritual and esoteric literature, adding depth to his academic pursuits. Additionally, he manages a micro-business focused on producing cereal seeds and promoting healthy foods, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Toshkov actively participates in various Non-Governmental Organizations, contributing his expertise and serving in governing bodies. Through these engagements, he aligns with his ideals and contributes to noble causes.

During his student years, Hristo Toshkov exhibited a keen interest in the natural and mathematical sciences, as well as the classical disciplines of theology, philosophy, and psychology. This enduring passion continues to drive him, shaping his current identity as a researcher focused on the culture of personality and progress. His work revolves around the symbiotic relationship between esotericism, occultism, and science.

Toshkov’s academic journey began with his secondary education at Nikola Vaptsarov Higher Secondary School in Haskovo, specializing in “Electronics and Electrical Engineering”. He then pursued higher education at Veliko Tarnovo University, earning a bachelor’s degree in Informatics, followed by a master’s degree with a specialization in “Informatics. Data protection.” His academic pursuits culminated in a PhD in the field of “Methodology of Informatics Education” at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of the University of Plovdiv.

Following his military service at the Pleven School for Reserve Officers, Hristo Toshkov embarked on a journey in education. Even as a student, he took on the role of a Computer Science teacher at the high school of Electronics and Electrical Engineering “A. S. Popov” in Veliko Tarnovo. After completing his studies, he continued his teaching career at PMG “Iv. Vazov” in Dimitrovgrad.

He is the creator of the School for outstanding students in informatics, which he developed in the cities of Veliko Tarnovo, Dimitrovgrad, Haskovo and Plovdiv in the period from 2003 to 2008. He is the head of a number of students who have participated in regional, national and international competitions, for which he has won dozens of awards. Since 2008 is a lecturer at the FMI of the PU, currently at the Department of “Software Technologies”.

During the period from 2010 to 2020 worked as a software developer for several software companies. He is currently devoted to educational and scientific activities and with a particular interest spends time studying and exploring the personal motivation of the individual as a stimulus for achieving educational, cultural and spiritual growth. In his free time he likes to contemplate nature, he is a passionate connoisseur of classical music in its various forms. It accepts and shares various religious and civilizational values.

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